Camping Trip Recipes to Try

So, you have a big RV weekend in the works, but there is one thing you just can’t get settled on; food. Sure, you could do the old standards — hot dogs over the fire, chili, cold meat sandwiches — … Continued

Holiday Recipe – Eggnog French Toast

Whether you are in your RV on a holiday trip or are staying home for the holidays, Christmas morning can be hectic, especially if you have children. Everyone will want to open their gifts; and you’re either trying to make … Continued

Rework Turkey Leftovers

Whether you are home or in your RV for Thanksgiving dinner, you’re bound to have leftovers. Depending on the space you have available in the freezer, you can freeze the leftovers – or you may have to use them right … Continued

Thanksgiving Entrée

What better way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday – in your RV at your favorite camping spot. That favorite spot might just be a favorite hunting spot for turkey. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a wild turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. … Continued

Finger Foods For Your Halloween Party

All Halloween parties have three main components in order to be successful. There needs to be music for dancing, games for entertainment and food for your hungry guests. Finger foods are always a great option and are usually cheap to … Continued

Chicken Recipes for the Road

Fall is the perfect time for RV travel. And the milder temperatures call for different kinds of meals than you usually eat on the road in summer. Try these warm chicken dishes to heat up those cool fall evenings and … Continued