Camping Hacks: 3 Camping Necessities for Beginning RVers!

If it’s your first time RVing in your new RV or you have an RV rental of ours, we know that you may not know all the ins and outs and camping hacks of the RVing lifestyle yet, and so we’re here to help! Here are a list of three camping necessities that you may have forgotten to pack for your upcoming trip…


Bonfire Camping Hacks



1. Camping Chairs

This may seem obvious, but then again, maybe not. Camping chairs are usually at the bottom of the list when trying to pack up the kids and all of the clothes and swim gear… you can imagine that these might get pushed to the wayside.

Camping chairs are a great thing to have when you settle down for the evening around the fire. Instead of sitting on logs or blankets, chairs a lot more comfortable. You’ll have plenty of fun with your friends and family around the bonfire this way.


2. Broom & Dust Pan

There’s nothing like having a bunch of dirt follow you into your RV. This is an easily forgotten item when packing, so make sure to add it to your list to remind you!

The last thing you want is to come back from day-long adventures and have your kids run into the RV and spread the dirt around all over. With a broom and dust pan, it’s an easy fix. Not to mention if you have any sort of mat out right in front of the stairs in your RV, you can easily brush off all the dirt to keep it looking good. Let’s be honest, RVing is more pleasurable when your space is clean!


3. Picnic Table Cover & Clips

Emphasis on the clips! The RV lifestyle gives you the chance to sit indoors for meals if you decide, or enjoy the outdoors. When it’s raining obviously you’ll be inside your cozy camper, but hopefully most of the time it’s a beautiful evening, and you have a picnic table provided by the campground!

Having a picnic table is a great addition to your meals, as it covers the dirt on the table that’s probably been there for a few years, and keeps bugs from coming up through the cracks and hanging out next to your food (gross!). And of course, the clips are the easiest piece to forget! If it’s at all windy, you have to deal with the frustration of the picnic table getting in the way of your meal. With the clips, you won’t have anything to worry about!


And You’re All Set!

Obviously there’s a lot more than just these three things to make sure you have a great RV trip, but we hope this helps! If you have any questions about our RVs for sale, please contact us. We love getting to know our customers!

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