Protecting Your RV From Heavy Storms

Most RVs are particularly vulnerable to heavy storms and wind because of their large size and high center of gravity. This, on top of their lack of wind resistance can make them hazardous during inclimate weather; particularly if you are unaware of how to properly protect them from such weather. If you find yourself caught in a storm, it is inadvisable to seek shelter in the RV if at all possible. However, if you want to be prepared, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Keeping Your Awning Up

RV damaged during a storm.
Don’t let your RV to end up like this!

One of the most basic things to keep in mind is the awning. If you know there is some bad weather coming, putting the awning up should be a high priority. This is not just to maintain the structural integrity of the awning itself, but also to ensure that the awning does not break and cause additional damage to the RV. Make sure that the awning is up and locked in place before closing the RV up.

Securing the Doors

Ensure that the doors of the RV, as well as all exterior-facing openings, are closed and latched as firmly as possible; this includes screens, vents, windows, skylights, and anything else that can be secured. A common mistake is that windows or doors will not be latched, but rather, just placed in the closed position. Though this may seem, at first glance, that they are closed, in truth, they are liable to slide or blow open during heavy wind. If your doors or windows have locking mechanism, make sure they are secure. Otherwise, ensure that all latches are fastened tightly.
If possible, you should seek a structure during heavy storms, but that is not always possible. You always want to know that you have the option to hunker down in a secure RV in the event of an emergency. Alternatively, if your RV is parked outdoors, these practices should be applied to ensure that, if a heavy storm does sweep in, your RV is still safe.

Photo Credit: Flickr Commons


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