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                  Class A Motorhome

                  If luxurious space for you and your family is key, then a Class A RV may suit your needs. These RVs typically range in 38 – 45 ft in length, but don’t necessarily require a commercial license (check your state laws on weight/size regulations). Class A RVs are the largest ones, so they aren’t the nimblest to maneuver in tight areas. They do, however, provide large luxurious interior living spaces and comfort that enables extensive optional installations e.g. fireplaces, expanded dinette areas, etc… Fuel and engine options vary depending on the manufacturer – so if luxury camping or glamping is what you’re looking for, start building your dream Class A RV now.

                  Class B Motorhome

                  Class B motorhomes, ironically labeled and placed in the middle of the other motorhomes, are the smallest and least expensive motorized RVs available. Class Bs also go by conversion van and camper van. These compact vans give you a comfortable place to sleep with all the comforts of home. Since these motorhomes are the smallest, they are the easiest to drive and have the best fuel economy. Going out for an errand and finding a place to park won’t be a problem either. Good for the occasional solo or couple campers.

                  Class C Motorhome

                  These RVs are a nice medium between the big Class As and smaller Class Bs. Typically sitting between 28 and 35 ft in length, you won’t get as much interior space as a Class A, but they’re certainly easier to maneuver and more cost-effective. These are perfect for vacationing families, retirees, or a small group. These motorhomes are very customizable, depending on your preferences – most of them sleep between 5 and 7 people comfortably, often include enough space for couches, dinettes, and enough space to relax.

                  Fifth Wheel

                  The fifth wheel is a lot like a large travel trailer, typically the largest trailer you can buy, ranging from 22 to 40 feet. The key difference here is the towing connection and the need for the right towing vehicle and hitch. Fifth-wheel trailers utilize integrated pickup connections instead of traditional trailer hitches. Depending on the setup, these integrated connection enables easier maneuverability and even better towing capacity in some cases. Fifth wheels offer many of the same amenities as a Class A, including slide-outs and multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, even a place to carry some toys — as well as the benefit of towing and storing the trailer.

                  Travel Trailer

                  Travel trailers are the tow-behind trailers you can connect to a standard trailer hitch and they range in size. Some of them are huge (36 – 40 ft in length), some are modestly sized (under 20 ft). No special pickup connections required like a fifth-wheel trailer, but you will still need a solid towing vehicle. The biggest advantage of traveling with a travel trailer is the ability to unhitch and use your towing vehicle unencumbered when you reach your destination. These are an excellent option for people looking for a cost-effective traveling living space who aren’t interested in a full motorhome. With so many sizes and floorplans available, there’s a perfect travel trailer out there for you.

                  Toy Hauler

                  Toy Haulers are all about making it easier to get cool stuff in and out of your trailer. These are very similar to travel trailers and fifth-wheel campers, but they come equipped with ramps and large rear doors. Think of these like a rolling extension of your garage at home. Want to take your golf carts, dirt bikes, or ATV along on your next adventure? Start building one of these.

                  Destination Trailer

                  Destination trailers or campers, sometimes confused with park models are RVs that are designed to be easily towed and parked at a campground, RV park, or other destination for a season. Unlike Park Models, Destination Trailers are self-contained and include waste holding tanks, freshwater tanks and are more easily moveable. Park Model Homes, on the other hand, offer all the comforts of home at just about 400 square feet and are more or less intended to be parked as a long-term living solution. These types of trailers are intended for the near full-time camper.

                  Expandable Trailer

                  Expandable trailers, folding campers, tent trailers, and pop-ups are some of the names given to the smallest and most budget-friendly campers available. A folding camper or tent trailer typically features folding or collapsible parts which allow for easy towing and storage when not in use. These easy to tow trailers range in size from 8-16 feet. A great start for the beginner camper and often the first camping upgrade from a tent experience, giving you a more comfortable sleeping area while also maintaining that fresh open-air feel. Just think of it as a warmer, more comfortable tent, great for the beginner or part-time camper.

                  Truck Camper

                  Barely making it into the RV category, but a great choice for new or solo camper, a truck camper is one of the most affordable RV options available. A truck camper is simply a living cargo space added onto the bed of your truck. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also easy to drive, easy to store, easy to park, or boondock. It’s a great option for the single camper who is ready to get out and hit the road without a lot of frills.